March Renaissance Fair

Due March 16th, 2010

Fair: March 18th – 6:30 to 7:30pm

Here Ye! Here Ye! This is thy project for the Middle Ages and Renaissance sections of thy World History book. Thee and thy fellow workers hath been assigned a particular area of Medieval Europe to explore.


To understand the Renaissance by studying one aspect of the Renaissance.

Thy group has this particular area of the Renaissance:

Artists Scientists

Clothing/Food/Customs Clothing/Food/Customs

Builders/Castles Warriors/Weapons

Plays/Playwrights Kings/Leaders

For thy grade thou wilt do the following:

  1. Write a one page report about thy subject (each person)

  2. Two design a booth about thy subject to be shown to the school & your parents.

  3. Design something interesting to do at your booth.

  4. Design a short presentation for your booth: Have a short play, a demonstration, or presentation for people who come to your booth.

Report: (100 points) – per person

For people:

Who were they? What did they do? Where they did live? Why were they important? When did they live? How did they accomplish their goals?

For Buildings or things that were made:

How was it built or made? What materials were used? Why was it made? How was it used in history? How did it change? Is it still used?

Booth: (100 points) – as a group

Design a table with a poster-board or other materials that tell about your area – the concept is similar to a science fair project - Your group should work together using the gathered information to create a booth.

Something Interesting: (50 points) – as a group

You must provide something for people to do when they come to your booth: e.g. Paint a picture, build something, eat something, take a quiz, do a crossword, dress up – etc.

Presentation: (50 points) – as a group

You will need to write a script for a play, or have a set presentation for groups of people coming to your table – showing the different people you have or demonstrating the things you have at your table.

Artists - Raphael, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, & Giotto

Scientists - Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, & Gutenberg

Builders/Castles – cathedrals, castles, the Globe Theater, monasteries, & convents.

Warriors/Weapons – knights, squires, long bow, & cannons.

Playwrights/Writers – Shakespeare, Dante, Cervantes, & troubadours.

Kings/Leaders -Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Elizabeth the 1st, & Louis IX

Internet Resources:

PLEASE USE the sites I have given for this topic (on website: Doing searches on the net can sometimes give you more information that you want on the topic.

General Resources:

For People:

Foods/customs/clothing –

Artists :